QAnon and The Puntinesque Rightists

The new breed of fascistic right-wingers are like good circus dogs. They bark and dance on their hind legs and jump through fiery hoops whenever their master holds his whip high. Their master. Who is their master now? DeSantis? Kim Jong-un? Putin?

Personally, I think it’s the guy who’s behind QAnon.


No, seriously, maybe it’s not even just one person. You know. Think about it. When the secret services of any country want to mess with people’s brains, they always get a bunch of mad scientists together and plot scary shit. Like testing hallucinogenic drugs on people. Ken Kesey got into one of those tests. He needed the money. He’s the guy who wrote One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.

OK. So you don’t read books. I now feel as if I have passed into a future dystopia.

Wait, I haven’t finished with the QAnon stuff yet. Think about it. For the “enhanced interrogation” idea that the Bush and Cheney people wanted to use, they made sure the weirdest psychos got together and planned out a program they were certain would make anybody talk. The Russians do it, the Chinese do it, and every little tinpot dictator as well as the Kings and Ayatollahs do it. You know the song, but I’m not going to sing it.

They get a team of psychopaths and sociopaths together and they decide that maximum pain is what really works to make people talk. Their historical model is the Inquisition. Apparently they think it worked really well because so many Jews and Muslims converted to Christianity. They forget the fact that most of those converts just kept up their religious practices in private. Crypto Muslims and Crypto Jews.

Which has nothing to do with cryptocurrency, by the way.

Think about it. QAnon is much too well-organized for it to be just some loon out there dropping acid and then sending off-the-wall texts to his followers on Telegram. Notice I didn’t mention Twitter? That’s because it doesn’t exist anymore. The name has been changed to Twatter. Really. Because of the Twat who bought it.

Billionaires like him are much too dumb to be behind QAnon. No. Really. Billionaires are like Zombies. They’re fixated on sucking money out of everyone on the planet. QAnon is not a money-making enterprise. Uh, no, wait a second. Of course it’s a money-making enterprise. It wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t. But that’s not it’s primary function. You have to look at QAnon and see that it functions in the same way a TV evangelist does. The evangelist’s primary goal is to enter people’s brains and stir, mix, blend and shake them up so that eventually the 10, 20 and 50 dollar bills will flow into the evangelist’s tax-free wallet.

QAnon is the same. The primary purpose is to burrow into a brain, stir, mix, blend and shake. And Hey Presto! Another sock-puppet!

The people behind QAnon are exactly the same as the people who dreamed up the Inquisition. Of course. They must be. It doesn’t matter if they’re working for a religion or for the Americans, the Russians, the Chinese or any other country. In fact, all those countries are OK with QAnon because it serves to make the job of controlling people easier.

QAnon uses influencers just like TikTok. Yeah, I guess you can say that QAnon is a TikTok for psycho-fascists. The Q Collective, as I like to refer to Q, mines the data, sifts through it to see what has worked well in the past and dreams up new shit to test the effect it has on its captive audience. You call this captive audience Trolls, I call them A-holes. Trolls are those funny little guys with blue hair. Much too cute. A-holes are young punks and undereducated adult gun-worshipers who mostly hate women because no women want to be near them. Some of these guys are what people call Incels, guys who are so afraid of performing poorly in sex that they claim they are being made Involuntarily Celibate. Incel is the short form for that.

A-holes is a much better description for all these people. They spew hate and make threats and spread the QAnon brain rot through the virtual world while claiming that they are victims.

I don’t really know who is behind QAnon. But what surprises me actually is that nobody seems to be placing the International Rightists in the same basket with the Putin Right. They have the same agenda. They have the same talking points. They suck on the same types of oligarchic money tits. Each one of them: Kari Lake, DeSantis, Orban, Meloni and the other ones popping up all over the place should be constantly placed side-by-side with Putin and his ideology. This, if done on a coordinated daily and constantly unrelenting basis, will eventually get through some of the thicker skulls and may also elicit some interesting denials and responses from the right-wingers. The liberals who think all you need to do is talk it out, have to see the world the way it is of course, but the disenfranchised also need to be wooed by good old fashioned social(ist) democratic policies that limit the wealth of the oligarchs and corporations.

Drumming up a storm of Putin=DeSantis, Putin=Lake, Putin=Meloni, Putin=AfD Putin=Orban, etc., can throw a very useful spanner into their works.

Start the drum roll rolling and see what happens.

Oriana Fallaci and Alexandros Panagoulis

I didn’t act like a mad fanatic and I’m not a mad fanatic. Both I and my comrades acted as instruments of justice. When tyranny is imposed on a people, the duty of every citizen is to kill the tyrant.
–– Alexandros Panagoulis

Athens, September 1973
Oriana Fallaci


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