Letter to Thomas

Dear Thomas,

As I mentioned before, I like it when you use the term “fantasies” with the word “conspiracy.” I discussed this with some linguist friends and they agree that when one allows “theories” to be used, legitimacy (or the possibility of legitimacy) is lent to the subject being discussed.

However, what you and everyone else seems to be missing is that all the talk about “conspiracy” and debunking of statements coming from the people who are putting their fantasies out into the public sphere is actually nothing but a distraction.

It is a well-planned distraction. These people have learned much from Edward Bernays, “the father of public relations”, from Goebbels (who studied Bernays) and of course also from Sun Tzu and battlefield generals like Hannibal. When attacking the Romans and winning decisive battles against them, Hannibal always distracted the Roman legionaries before attacking. Once they were distracted, he attacked where he wanted to. Their surprise rendered them weak at the point of encounter and their lines of defense were broken. Battle lost.

This is what is happening right now.

The authoritarian right (Putin and Erdogan included) are cleverly distracting thinking defenders of freedom by baiting them with little tidbits of nonsensical trash that seem to need some kind of rational reply or analysis. These bits of bait only need to be ignored.

Book banning, anti-LGBT(etc), gender arguments, or whatever hot topic is being promoted on social media is nonsense and only there to distract and to stop thinking people from concentrating on the most important aspects of the fight against the new authoritarians.

And what are these important aspects?

The most important aspects to reveal are the identity of the leaders and their chain of command as well as the battle plans of the authoritarian army that is in the field to do battle against freedom and free thinking.

How can this be done?

This is not difficult. The data is there. We know who and where they are. What is missing is a site that puts the data together in a simple organigram that exposes the organizational breakdown structure (OBS), including its leaders, general membership, propaganda arms and financial flow charts.

This can be done in the same way that the FBI does it with analysis of New York’s Five Families.

If you can show the world who they are, where they sit in the power structure, where the money is from and where it is going, you can also expose the battle plan, the array of the troops at their command and make it possible to attack the most vulnerable (and important) people in the power structure effectively by exposing the factual truth of their activities.

The J6 nobodies are “Fussvolk” and a great distraction. Without their generals and chain of command, these dunderheads are nothing but fodder, like the Wagner convict conscripts sent to die in Bakhmut.

A linked set of websites can be set up that expose the structure and its constituent parts. Let’s say one site is all about leadership, another site all about finances, another site all about propaganda, a site about members, both loosely and rigidly attached to the command structure. And all the sites linked to one another so that it is easy to go from one to another and each site can be updated by the specialists who work on that site.

Detective shows put the photos of suspects up on a board. The faces, the names, where they fit in as suspects, what their motives are, and what relationship they have to the crime.

The crime in this case is the forcible destruction of freedom of association, freedom of speech and freedom of thought. Democracy just happens to be the governmental form we have used thus far to attain these freedoms. So by destroying democracy through authoritarianism, these criminals also delete freedom from society.

A thorough analysis of the Nazi regime structure as well as the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei NSDAP (National Socialist German Worker’s Party), we know how the party was structured, who its principle actors were and from where the money flowed.

We also know how the government was structured.

And how the police state was organized.

Are you going to tell me it’s not possible to find the structures and the actors behind the authoritarian movement that is sweeping across the world right now?

Come on, you are better than that.

We are all better than that.


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